Update to Version 3.0

Prior to version 3.0, I was using a zip library that gave a warning of a virus when you tried to download the self-extracting exe file. Through exhaustive research and running more than 65 anti-virus checkers on this Zip library, I came to the conclusion that the warnings were a false-positive.

I decided to remove this Zip library anyway. The 3.0 change is that I am now using the 7Zip library, but am no longer creating self-extracting install files. This means SimpleInstaller (SI) now generates only a zip file for installation. You will have to inform your users to download your install zip file, manually unzip the file and then look for and run the Setup.exe file. This is the major change to version 3.0 of SI.

SimpleInstaller has the following features:

–Set the installation target folder name and optionally lock that name.

–Install onto any drive.

–Set the install version number.

–Set the name of your install file (SetupAcme2.0.exe for example).

–Set the installer window title, copyright notice and website information.

–Use a License Agreement file or skip this screen during install.

–Use a ReadMe file or skip this screen during install.

–Set the allowed desktop OS versions for installing.

–Set Admin rights to install.

–Choose the .NET Framework version needed for your app.

–Select source files and organize this list via Separator Bars.

–Set each source file for overwrite or skip if it exists.

–Set each source file to be uninstalled or not uninstalled.

–Set custom Source Files (ListView) colors of your choice.

SI video tutorials:

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