If you like using the Trial version of SimpleInstaller and would like to purchase a Paid license file, please make a $49.95 USD payment to my Paypal email address:


After you have sent your payment, you will need to email me with your ID Code. Once I receive notice of your payment and have received your ID Code, I will send you two Paid license files:

  1. SimpleInstaller.lic is the main license file when you run SimpleInstaller. The Paid file will remove the start up splash screen, remove the start up counter and allow the Setup.exe application to actually copy your source files to their target folders.
  2. Setup.lic is the Paid license file that is associated with the Setup.exe application. This file (Setup.lic) is automatically compiled into your builds, as is the Setup.exe file. The Paid Setup.lic file will allow your distributed Setup.exe file to actually copy the files as needed during installation. If this Setup.lic file is missing, Setup.exe will not run.

Please note that the SimpleInstaller.lic file is associated with your hard drive. The ID Code is actually the hard drive serial number that you installed SimpleInstaller onto. This means you cannot run SI on another drive. Therefore, you need to install SI on the PC and the hard drive that you intend to use SI on AND send me that ID Code!